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Checkmate was founded in 2017 by a group of homeschoolers in Kennesaw meeting at a co-op called the Homeschool Consortium with a few FLL veterans and a lot of new members. In our first season we succeeded at building a competitive robot with the basic set of parts.  Our team and skills have grown since the first year and our robots get better with every season.Today the team consists of ten students and three regular mentors, two of whom are engineers or technicians from Cobb County. We have contacts in the IT and CAD fields who also help out.
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Past Events

FTC Notebooks 101 - FREE14 Aug 2021Online Event
Advanced Techniques for FTC Engineering Notebooks22 Aug 2020Online Event
The Annual Convention25 Dec 20181684 Wildrose Lane, Detroit, MI

Engineering Notebook Consulting

As Georgia's 2019-2020 Think Award Winners, we help other FTC teams design their engineering notebook through one on one consultations.

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Free 3-D Printing for FTC teams

We printed 1500 face shields this summer and almost as many parts for our robot last year. Send us a STEP file and we will print your parts for you!

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Robot Demonstrations

Checkmate will demonstrate their robot at your event. Checkmate also conducts STEM education events for elementary and middle school aged children.

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FIRST is a "competitive" robotics organization that celebrates the spirit of STEAM and cooperation.  The name FIRST is an acronym that means "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology."  It works a bit like any youth sporting event mixed with Battle Bots (though sadly without all he violence).  Each year, there is a new challenge or game, the difficulty of which varies based on the level of your FIRST team.  Each team must build a robot to score points in that season's game.  But your robot isn't the only thing that can get you to win.  You can also win awards for your Outreach and Engineering Notebook.  But what do those words even mean?  Well, Outreach is an essential part of FIRST.  You go out into the world and teach/show everyone STEAM and FIRST.  Your Engineering notebook is your record of your team and robot.  There are different levels for FIRST based on difficulty and age:

Jr. FLL- ages 5-9: Jr. FLL or Jr. FIRST Lego League is where young adolescents can build small simple lego robots.
FLL- ages 9-13: FLL or FIRST Lego League is where tweens can build medium level lego robots.
FTC ages 12-17: FTC or FIRST Tech Challenge (that's us!) Is where teens can build medium level real metal-based robots.
FRC ages 14-17: FRC or FIRST Robotics Challenge is where teens can build large advanced robots.

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